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Genome Discovery & Informatics

  • Goal: We aim to learn about the genetics of drug response and disease susceptability using the experimental capabilities of modern genomics, while developing new methods for data analysis.
  • Funding: PARSA Foundation
  • Links: Iran Genome Project

While we focus primarily on informatics methods for analysis and integration of data, we also are interested in individual and collaborative projects involving collecting new experimental data at genome scale or integrating multiple experimental data sets. Within this area, our interests and activities include:

  • Sequencing genomes for ~80 diverse Iranian-descent individuals in order to create a baseline data set of variations across several ethnic groups in Iran.
  • Analyzing common variants in well-phenotyped patients on warfarin to build statistical associations that predict best dose.
  • Analyzing exomes of well-phenotyped patients on warfarin to find rare variants that explain both dose and disease susceptibility.
  • Developing informatics methods for analyzing genomic data.

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