We are interested in using data at all scales to understand the drug response. We are interested in drugs acting alone and in combination. At the molecular level, we study protein 3D structure and chemical interactions. At the cellular level, we study expression and cellular interaction networks. At the organism level, we study the human response to medications in clinical and research setting. Finally, we leverage population-level data to look for large-scale trends in drug response.


The PharmGKB is a pharmacogenomics knowledge resource that encompasses clinical information including dosing guidelines and drug labels, potentially clinically actionable gene-drug associations and genotype-phenotype relationships.

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Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium

The Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium facilitates the use of pharmacogenetic tests for patient care.

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Genome Discovery & Informatics

We aim to learn about the genetics of drug response and disease susceptability using the experimental capabilities of modern genomics, while developing new methods for data analysis.

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Extracting Biomedical Relations from Text

Develop algorithms using natural language processing techniques to extract biomedical relationships from text.

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Structural Informatics & Molecular Level Analysis

We apply artificial intelligence to chemical and protein structure data to gain insight into the molecular mechanisms of pharmacology.

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Systems Pharmacology & Cellular Level Analysis

We need to have a better understanding of systems pharmacology through use of genomic, transcriptomic, and network data.

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