Helping Public Health
Officials Contain covid-19

AI powered prioritization of
incoming faxes to limit the impact

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Triage reports in your fax folder

Fast Fax reads incoming faxes the moment they are received, and prioritizes the most important cases first


Real-time local monitoring of your incoming fax folder


Recognizes COVID case report forms


Highlights the most urgent cases for you

COVID Fast Fax

A digital system that triages high-priority cases -- in real time, automatically, 24/7 -- so public health officials always have the important faxes first.

Five Forms Currently Supported

Including California Covid CMRs (Confidential Morbidity Report) from March and April 2020

Identify which pages contain CMRs

Scans through the faxed file and identifies pages with CMR reports

Isolate CMRs

Split faxes containing only CMRs into separate files, facilitating case assignment

Dynamic Prioritization

Add priority labels using any checkbox on the form


We've deployed with a public health partner, read what they had to say:


Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Fast Fax ensures we're always working on our most urgent cases first, regardless of the order received. And everything happens in the background, automatically - we didn't have to change our workflow or learn a new system.


Communicable Disease Case Worker

The long weekend was extremely busy for our health office. Fast Fax was very helpful to pluck out high priority cases from the ever growing fax file. The Fast Fax notification made it possible to push the high priority cases out for investigation the same day.

How it works

We train AI models that recognize case reporting forms within your received faxes.
We then extract information from key fields.

See our preprint paper on MedRxiv

Our templates

Our model currently handles the following templates, but can be expanded to new template forms.
California State CMR, March 2020
California State CMR, April 2020
Contra Costa County CMR, March 2020
Contra Costa County CMR, April 2020
John Muir Health CMR, 2020

Deploy our system

  • Your faxes are received as PDFs
  • COVID Cases are reported via one or more standard forms
  • You have an IT technician who can deploy a Python script
How to get started:

Do you use a form already recognized by Fast Fax?

  • Yes

    Find installation guidance at our Github

  • No

    We're working on adding new forms to the system.

    1. 1. Send us your reporting forms via this submission form
    2. 2. We will let you know in if we can train a model against your forms
    3. 3. If you'd like to proceed, we'll add your form to the set of recognize forms

Our Team

We're a group of Stanford doctors and researchers with experience building deployable AI tools in the biomedical domain

Adam Lavertu

Technical lead

Biomedical Informatics
Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford

Amit Kaushal

Project Lead

Adjunct Professor, Stanford Bioengineering
Internal Medicine, VA Palo Alto

Russ Altman

Group Lead

Professor, Stanford

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common questions


Support Us

Would you like to support a high-impact COVID-19 AI project?

We welcome funding support, cloud credits, machine learning expertise, and most importantly,
introductions to public health departments who might benefit from this technology.

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Interested in using Fast Fax to scan your fax inbox for high-priority cases?

Fill out our inquiry form here. Have an example of your COVID reporting form(s) ready.
If your form is a fit, we can often train our models in just a few days.

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