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Systems Pharmacology & Cellular Level Analysis

  • Goal: We need to have a better understanding of systems pharmacology through use of genomic, transcriptomic, and network data.
  • Funding: R01 GM102365: Combining Systems Biology and Structural Biology to Find New Therapeutics; U54 HL117798: Personalization of Therapeutic Efficacy and Risk; Pfizer: Strategic Effort in Precision Immunology – I-GPS; Genentech: Identifying new drug targets and assessing drug efficacy and safety with systems pharmacology.
  • Software: STAMS: STRING-Assisted Module Search for Genome Wide Association Studies

By harnessing the massive amount of data that describes drug response at a cellular and systems level, the possibilities for drug repurposing, novel drug discovery, and adverse effect predictions have become evident. We believe that better understanding of drug on- and off-target effects paves the path forward for improved drug design. Our methods draw on various machine-learning techniques and integrate existing gene expression data and gene networks to identify novel drug targets.

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